Summer Reset 2020

Become a Flexible-Location Therapist

What we're doing right now isn't sustainable. Join us this Summer to find a new way to do speech-language therapy that will serve you and your clients as we continue to navigate Coronavirus. Bring some calm back to your life while continuing to help your clients.


Free Webinar
How to Become a Flexible-Location Therapist
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Special Content & Events
We'll all in this together! Our Summer content and events will walk you through getting ready for this new type of therapy.

The Summer Reset Starts in...


The Summer Reset Will Help You:

Get set up to do "Flexible-Location Therapy"

Easily switch back and forth between in-person and teletherapy/distance learning as Coronavirus spikes and fades.

Simplify and Streamline your Therapy Process

Learn ways to simplify what you're doing so that you can keep up with the ever-changing demands and find calm in what you do.

Boost the Effectiveness
of Your Therapy

Help your clients continue to make great progress toward communication goals despite the chaos.